During my third year of studying at George Brown College I had to create a cosmetics brand of my choice. I decided to create OMG HUNNI, targeted to young women aged 18-25. OMG references to the abbreviation of “Oh My God” and HUNNI references to the slang “Hunni” a term you call your significant other or best friend. This brand is meant to relate to pop culture and millennials’. The pattern and colour palette chosen is feminine, playful, and fierce using shades of pink and purple and a pop of yellow. The die cuts are chosen strategically to differentiate from other brands and styles and to give some edge. 
My approach to this poster was to capture the beauty of the product and the model. The brand’s pattern was used as a texture against the model’s face. It is a fierce, feminine, and playful brand targeted to young women, so the photo of the model was strategically chosen to attract the audience. This poster successfully achieves levels of hierarchy by leading the view from her eyes, to the product, down to the campaign hashtag.

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